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"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping", Joan Collins.
Spree! The Art of Shopping

Fashion Stylist

   Now you have your own secret weapon to the right look, too!

   A personal style consultation from Spree! The Art of Shopping is an easy and fun way for you to put your best fashion foot forward. Whether you're ready to update your current look, have a special event or business trip coming up, embarking on a new career or just want to incorporate some of the latest runway looks into your wardrobe, our fashion stylist and personal shopper services are designed to help you look your very best.

   We'll help you to build an exceptional wardrobe one piece at a time, or one season at a time. Think of it as having your own personal fashion coach who will help you make the right selections essential for a winning image that's attractive, confident and uniquely yours. No more wasting valuable time and money on the wrong pieces.

   Plus, we have the inside track on how to find everything you need in the fabulous shops, boutiques and other great shopping venues in Phoenix metro area. Not only are we famous for knowing all of the best places to shop – we know when new merchandise is coming in so you get first choice and best prices! We can even special order some of those hard to find fashions and accessories that are in high demand.

   Our services are ideal for busy executives or anyone who wants to make better choices, update their own look or build a better wardrobe.

   Ready to get started? Click below to find the right Spree! fashion stylist and coaching service for you.

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   "I was thinking my clothing needed an update and I contacted Nancy to do a wardrobe assessment. Her assessments, suggestions, and use of clothing I already owned were spot on! We saved, discarded, and then value-shopped. She's a true friend from the first meeting. Nancy showed me a great way to do outfit pairings, made a reference book of my "looks", and dispelled my fears of shopping. Now I apply Nancy's feedback every time I shop. I'm so lucky and I highly recommend her services"
   Cathy Carter
   Scottsdale, AZ

   Call us today at 480.201.5480 or email us at info@azshoppingspree.com to schedule your private client Spree! service.

   As your personal fashion stylist, we'll treat you like a Hollywood celebrity right here in the Valley.

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   Fashion Coach Services for Women

Woman Shopping    Our expert fashion coach will begin by interviewing you about your lifestyle and the kind of image you want to project. Next, you'll both head to your closet for an honest wardrobe assessment of what's working for you – and what isn't. This careful research will help define the look that's just right for you.

   Next, your fashion stylist will go on a shopping mission, armed with the budget you determine. She'll head to the shops, boutiques and department stores that match your personal style, and scout out the perfect fashions and accessories (including independent designers) for a great new look. Then, based on your personal preference, you can visit those shops to make your selections, or maximize your time by viewing selections right in your home or office!

   You can choose to create a whole new wardrobe or choose a few key pieces that your fashion coach will help you build upon over time. And before you know it, you'll have a fabulous new wardrobe that really works.

   Fashion Coach Services for Men

Man Shopping    If you want to look great and project the right image for your career or important business meeting but don't have the time or patience for shopping excursions, our Fashion Coaching and Styling services are ideal for you. Our "coach" will interview you about your lifestyle and leisure activities, and assess your particular needs. You'll make better wardrobe decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and take the challenge out of getting dressed for any occasion.

   She'll do a wardrobe audit to learn what's working for you – and what's not. Then, armed with your measurements and the budget you've set, she'll shop the stores tailored to reflect your ideal image. To save your valuable time, you can review a selection of items in the privacy of your home or office. They can even be tailored to your specifications on the spot to ensure a perfect fit. Doesn't that sound easy?

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